Decorating Cupcakes (With added Literacy skills!)

Jun 2, 2012

For Grandpa's birthday we decided to bake him some cupcakes. When they were done, I thought we'd include just a little more learning into the activity with the decorating by creating this little decorating station.

Mini cupcakes (made first by Madeline), chocolate icing (with kiddy knife for spreading), A writing icing pen and variety of toppings

Practicing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination to ice the cupcakes

A baking tray with magnetic letters to spell out the word for the cupcakes. 
You could use any word, ("Congratulations", "Happy Birthday", "Love" etc)

You or your child could pipe on the letters (depending on their level). Take the time to talk about them. 
Can your child recognise any of the letters? Where have they seen them before? What sound do they make?

Practicing pincer grip to put little silver balls on a letter

Being creative. Making a smiley face from mini marshmallows

Having a turn at the piping

Cupcakes made with love and learning by a 3 year old. A yummy handmade gift for a loved one.

Handy Tips

- You and your child can make the cupcakes together before the decorating.

- Simplify this activity by not putting such a great emphasise on the letters and by focusing more on the creativity and fine motor skills

- Extend this activity by having your child write the letters on themselves. Depending on their ability they could sound out the spelling of the word themselves

- Continue to talk with your child about the methods they are using and the easiest ways to do them. Remember that practice makes perfect!

- Include the correct vocabulary for the techniques etc to help extend their vocabulary and understanding

- Use this time to talk about "Sometimes foods" and "Everyday foods" Cupcakes are a sometimes food.

- Letting your children help with the cooking from an early age holds incredible learning opportunities. From important maths concepts (such as timing, measuring, counting, comparing, weighing etc.) to learning safety skills, processes, healthy food choices, vocabulary, organisation and much more. Get them in the kitchen as early as you can and start stimulating their senses and letting them learn through observation.

Debs :)

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