Crayon and Water Colour Resist Painting

Aug 30, 2012

Today on the blog, I'd like to introduce you to the fabulous Tricia, from Two Big Two Little. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, you must go and have a look. Here she is generously sharing with us a fun and magical Crayon & Water Colour Resist Painting activity.  

I'll turn it over to her now... Enjoy! Debs :) 

Hi! I'm Tricia from Two Big Two Little, where I share crafts and activities, with the occasional DIY project, that I do with my children. 

My kids range in age from 1 to 15, so we usually have a variety of end results to everything :) Usually just the girls, one big and one little, do the crafts and activities although every once in a while the big and little boys join in on the fun :)  I'm very excited to be guest posting here at Learn with Play at home today :)

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The girls were bored the other day and looking for something to do. I remembered doing this type of painting when I was little, so I thought we would give it a try. 

 To do a crayon and water colour resist painting, you colour a picture with crayons. 
Then paint over the crayon drawing with water colours. 

We used diluted liquid water colours, but I'm pretty sure you could use the dried water colour pucks. The paper that we used was water colour paper. Any thick type of paper would work. These look really neat if you use white crayon on white paper, as the drawings only show up after being painted. :) White crayon was a little tricky to use, as it was hard to tell what you had drawn or whether you have coloured something completely or not. Sammie's picture and my picture. Mine doesn't look like it haa much on it, but once it was painted, you could see what I had drawn :)
Sammie decided that she didn't want to paint over top of her picture. I'm not sure if she was worried that the painting would ruin it or if she just wasn't in the mood for painting that day. Maddie picked purple paint for her picture. She's almost finished with the painting part :)

Mine and Maddie's finished paintings :)

Maddie decided to make some more of these paintings. She made these ones on paper plates :) I think they turned out great :)
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