Space Monster Math and Playdough

Aug 31, 2012

What a delight it is to introduce you to a favourite person and blog of mine, Andie from Crayon Freckles. Today Andie is sharing a special super fun, monsterific post just for the Learn with Play at home readers. Be sure to pop on over to Andie's blog if you haven't already and check out her other fun activities and interesting parenting articles. Enjoy! Debs :)

During a recent unit on space, my son, Bear, (3.5 yrs) expressed an interest in space monsters.  I try to follow his interests when I plan activities.  So we did a few activities based on these fun little creatures.

The first was a math activity to practice one-to-one correspondence, or assigning one number per object.  We had some flashcards with little furry monsters on them that we used.  Using clothespins, Bear "smushed" the space monsters as he counted them. 

once they were all covered, he practiced writing the number.

After that, we moved onto a fun sensory activity...making playdoh space monsters.  We got out the playdoh and some random craft items like: googly eyes, pipe cleaners, milk caps, pony beads, etc. 

These two activities gave us over an hour of fun that was out of this world (sorry, I had to do it!). 


Andie Jaye is a former preschool teacher turned SAHM of two kiddos. Her blog, Crayon Freckles, is an eclectic mix of play, art, and learning activities. Mingled in are her perspectives on being a crunchy momma, having a long-haired hippy boy and using follow-your-gut parenting. See more of Andie on Crayon Freckles' Facebook page or at Pinterest.