DIY Kids Room Decor. Spotty Lanterns

Nov 12, 2012

kids paper lanterns, paper lanterns

Today we just did a super simple little craft. 

It kept us amused, practiced fine-motor skills, worked on colour recognition, made us aware of spacing and in the end, we had some cool and unique Kids Room Decor lanterns to hang in my daughters room

Ages: 2-6+
(M was 3y/o. See the Handy Tips at the bottom for ideas to Simplify or Extend for your child)

Materials: Paper lanterns (You can source these  inexpensively from your local discount variety shops or ebay! These cost me less than $2 each) & 
Multi coloured and sized dot stickers (if you can't find multi coloured ones, buy white dot stickers and have your child paint them different colours)

Then it's as simple as peel and stick

Talk about the different colours you're using and how they're spacing them out. 
Use different sized dots for varying effects.

When they are done, tie on some fishing line and hang at varying heights from the ceiling
(We used Command Clear Hooks to attach to the ceiling. No drilling, yay!)

Look what else we've done with Paper Lanterns :)
(click the picture to go to the post)

Handy Tips:

- Simplify this activity by assisting your child to peel the stickers off the backing. If it's too hard for your child, peel the stickers off first and half stick them on the edge of the table for them to peel and use easier

- Extend this activity by challenging your child to make different shapes and patterns out of the dot stickers. Include some literacy by having them form their name or first letter or some numeracy by challenging them to figure out how many dots they've covered their lantern with

- Mix it up by using different types or stickers or have a go at painting one! Use colours your child likes or that will complement spaces.

- Making something that looks visually pleasing as the end result helps your child to feel proud about what they have created. Giving it a special purpose (like for their room or as a gift) can also help instil some pride in their work.

- Talk with your child as they do this activity. Take the time to discuss what's going on in their life. Some of the best discussions with your child can come when you are simply working side by side. It's a beautiful thing :)

Have you used Paper Lanterns? How?

Happy creating,
Debs :)

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