"Shivery Snow" for Outdoor Sensory Play this Summer

Dec 11, 2012

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We've just hit Summer here in Australia and it's a glorious time of year for getting outside. The days are warmer and it doesn't get dark till much later, meaning you and the kids can enjoy the great outdoors for longer!

Here's a fun way that we're beating the heat this summer, with our very own 
"Shivery Snow"

To make this fun sensory snow tub, follow the easy directions below. 
Note: To ensure it was super shivery, I prepared it the night before.

How to make "Shivery Snow"

Step 1: To make "Shivery Snow" simply follow the easy instructions to make this Cloud Dough (8 cups of plain flour to 1 cup of oil), ensuring to use the vegetable oil instead of scented baby oil. 

Step 2: Once you've made the basic Cloud Dough, add a sprinkling of cinnamon or some peppermint essence for a Christmas Scent and a good shake of silver glitter

Step 3: Put your "snow" in the freezer for a couple of hours or overnight to make it Shivery!

Step 4: When you're ready to play, put your "Shivery Snow" in a tub, throw on some ice cubes, sprinkle over some more silver glitter and add any little Christmas-y touches for some imaginative play.

Touching it for the first time

I added some Pipe-cleaner Candy Canes, Christmas baubles, mini pretend presents, a small Christmas tree and some extra pipe-cleaners. 

Shivery Snow smells great, feels cold and silky but doesn't melt like real snow

It is moldable but you need to be gentle. Why not build a snowman?

You should check out this cool "shivery slime" from Growing a Jeweled Rose

I LOVE getting the kids outside, and during Summer, thanks to extended daylight I can keep them playing outside for so much longer! 

The only problem is that as it gets later, out come those pesky flies and mosquitoes....

However, now thanks to the Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System I can let the kids keep playing outside with confidence. (yep, bare arms and all!)

 The Mortein NaturGard system releases automatic bursts of mist containing a plant based active ingredient. It means that it keeps my outdoor entertaining area protected from flies and mosquitoes without me having to think about it and I can use it around the kids.

More Benefits Include:
- Protecting a sheltered outdoor area of 25m²
- Portable (I'm taking this baby with me next camping trip for sure!)
- Adjustable settings to apply to your environment
- Automatic shut off after 3 hours
- Up to 30 hours of protection from 1 can depending on your settings

My husband was able to install it quickly and easily and since using it we've happily found that it effectively keeps the flies and mosquitoes away from the area. It's been handy for entertaining friends outside as well. No more swatting at our legs constantly!

Your Chance to Win ***COMPETITION NOW CLOSED***

Mortein would like to offer 5 lucky Aussie Learn with Play at home readers their very own 
Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System
to help keep their outdoor area pest free to entertain with confidence this Summer.

Congratulations to our 5 winners

Michelle Haines

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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Please contact me with your postage details so we can send you your Automatic Outdoor Insect control system.

How To Win

Leave a comment on this post telling us a Summer-time activity that the Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System would enable you to spend a longer time on. 
If you don't use a registered account to comment, please leave an email address so that I can get in contact with you if you win.

The 5 most creative responses will each win a Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before entering. Apologies to our International Readers as this giveaway is open to Australian Residents only.

Good Luck

Happy playing,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: this is a paid post sponsored by Nuffnang. We received a Mortein NaturGard Automatic Outdoor Insect Control System to review for the post. Opinions expressed in this post, as always, are my own}