Kimochis Nesting Heart. Ease Separation Anxiety

Dec 13, 2012

I'm a sucker for a good soft toy but with the millions upon millions of soft toys my kids have managed to collect in even the short amount of years they've been alive, it'd have to be a pretty special soft toy to have me considering buying any more.

Did someone mention pretty special soft toys? Combine beautiful quality and styling with the power of feelings, interaction and education and I think we may have just found some....

Introducing, Kimochis. Multi award winning toys with feelings inside that act as a powerful learning tool to help build confidence, resilience and positive social skills.

They have just released their newest member of the Kimochis family, the Nesting Heart

My daughter's delight at receiving the Nesting Heart

Yes, there are 2 parts of the Nesting Heart

Designed to help Ease Separation Anxiety, the Kimochis Nesting Heart is the ideal gift to help children stay comforted and connected.

I love how the Nesting Heart comes with a user guide which helps parents (and educators) to use the heart to it's full potential. There are suggested activities and prompts for how to communicate making it an even more valuable resource.

The gorgeous plush heart shape with it's soft smiling heart nestled inside is such a beautiful physical and emotional symbol to remind children that "Even though we are apart, you are always in my heart"
My almost 4 year old connected with the symbolism instantly as I could see by her actions and the way she handled the Nesting Heart.

M is greatly looking forward to taking her Nesting Heart when she goes to stay at Nana's house and it is going to be great with her starting Kinder (preschool) next year. She insisted it go with her to 3 year-old kinder the other day and I was to look after her "mini heart" as she calls the middle part :)

Why do I love Kimochis?

Kimochis (which means "feelings" in Japanese) are plush characters which come with feeling cushions that teach children how to recognise, name and communicate their feelings. This is an area of intelligence that is often missed in formal education.

As a Teacher and Mother, I think that it is incredibly important for young children to practice and develop their Intra-personal skills (which is their understanding of self) and I believe Kimochis are a fabulous tool for this. I also believe that as children develop their Intra-personal skills, this in turn leads to the development of their Interpersonal skills (understanding and dealing with others).

It really is no wonder to me that Kimochis were Voted Australia's most Innovative New Toy by ToysRus in 2012 and Top 5 Favourite Gift by Greetings and Gifts Magazine, Oct, 2012. 

Your Chance to Win

Kimochis are giving 5 lucky Learn with Play at home readers
 a gorgeous Nesting Heart for their kids

***Competition Now Closed***
Congratulations to the following readers
Kate Lloyd
Crystal Bard
Please contact us with your postage details so we can send your Nesting Heart.
(Unfortunately due to some competition winners not meeting the T&C, 2 new winners have been contacted) 

How To Win

Leave a comment on this post telling us why you (or your child) would love a Nesting Heart?

The 5 most creative/original responses will win a Kimochis Nesting Heart. 
If you don't comment with a registered account, please leave an email address so we can contact you if you win.

Terms and Conditions
- Apologies but this giveaway is open for Australian Residents Only 
- The competition begins Thursday 6th Dec and ends Wednesday 12th December at 9pm (EST)
- The winner is chosen based on originality and creativity
- Entrants will need to provide a valid email address
- The winner will be contacted via email and announced on this post and via FB and Twitter. Winner will need to get in contact and provide their postal address within 48 hours or the prize will be redrawn.

For more information on Kimochis, including their other toys, educators toolkit (teachers really need to see this!) or more. See their website or facebook page.

Happy playing,
Debs :)

{Disclosure: this is a post sponsored by Kimochis. We received the Nesting Heart to trial and review for the post. Opinions expressed in this post, as always, are my own}

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  1. My little girl would love this because she always cries when I leave her for an hour at the gym creche. It breaks my heart but I know she would be comforted by these.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I would love to get the heart to give to the little boy I babysit. I have been babysitting him for about 2 yrs and he still gets said when his mom and dad leave. I always explain to him that mom and dad love him sooo much and that they will come back while hes sleeping and give him a big kiss when they get back. he always likes when I reassure him they will be back and how much they love him and it makes me feel better to know that he trust me. I would love to give hum ths heart and have them have a better time when they go out and not always worry how he's doing he is their only child and itwould mean so much to them.


    thank you sooo much for this opportunity


  4. My Brother-in-law is leaving my sister and their child to go back to Iraq on Friday 12/14/12. He'll be gone until August 2013. I would love for my little nephew to have this while he's away. It reminds me of that song from "American Tale", Somewhere Out There. It's a great way to stay connected!

  5. am so sad that this is an aussie only giveaway. my husband will be deployed until april/may of next year and these would be great for him and my son to have.

  6. Miss 2 would love this more for me, she is usually fine when I am away (the odd occasion she cries on drop off but most of the time is fine, she always reassures me I will be okay and that I will see her soon. I assume this is her way of reassuring herself.

  7. ...because it's sooo fluffy I think I'm gonna die! Seriously, cute stuff. xoxo P

  8. Wow, these are beautiful! My daughter would just love one of these and I wold also. She will be starting 3 yr old pre kindy in the new year. It will be the first time she'll spend time away from me in a group situation and I know that this will help ease the seperation and make her feel safe in the new environment. It'll be a little cute, soft and cuddly reminder of our connection and love, for her and me alike! Wonder who will need it more?? (Probably me lol)

    1. THanks for your entry Katey. We're sending you a Nesting Heart. Please contact us with your postage details :)

  9. My bubba wants a cuddle in the morning. My bubba wants a cuddle in the afternoon. My bubba wants a cuddle at night time & underneath the moon.

    Kimochis can be with my
    bubba when Mummy's not around. To relieve the stress & anxiety when Mummy's out of town.

    Kimochis can help my bubba to grow up big and strong. And help him cope mentally when he has to be all on his own.

    Though I love my bubba and no one can replace me. Kimochis are comforting as everyone can see.

  10. Oh that's such a wonderful idea and gift! Very sweet!

  11. I am currently working with a group of children and two in particular are having separation aniety issues. This would be a great tool to use with them!

  12. These hearts make me all teary!! My daughter goes to daycare 1 day a week (aged 2.5) & while she is gone I feel like a piece of me is missing. I would love to give her one of these when she starts preschool to show her how much she means to her mummy.

    1. Hi Amie. Thanks for your entry. We're sending you a nesting heart for your daughter. We'll be in touch :)

  13. Very cute soft toy. I love to feel soft toys. This is not only suitable for kids it is best gift for your loved ones.

  14. Those are so cute! Nico is a very cuddly boy, needs to touch me with hugs and holding me around the neck and so on, he even wakes up at night for a hug! I gotta see if I can find those in Canada, he loves plush toys so this would be prefect!

  15. I have a son with autism and intellectual disability. this would be great for when he starts at his New school. when I talk to him about starting at his new school he keeps saying" stay mummy, stay mummy, no school". breaks my heart to see him get so worked up to the point where he vomits

  16. I have a son with autism and intellectual disability. this would be great for when he starts at his New school. when I talk to him about starting at his new school he keeps saying" stay mummy, stay mummy, no school". breaks my heart to see him get so worked up to the point where he vomits

    1. Hi Lynda. We're giving you a nesting heart for your son. Please email me (or use the contact us, up the top) to please send me your postage details. :)

  17. I would love to give this to my daughter as she starts preschool next year. I'm thinking it will help myself to cope with the separation too knowing she can be comforted by this being with her. Great idea!

  18. Learnig through playing. Playing to overcome anxiety. Without doubt learning process can help peoples to overcome learning through playing does. thanks for sharing. | Stress and Anxiety


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