Tinsel Treats Table Tree. Christmas Craft for Kids

Dec 17, 2012

I've been making these Tinsel Treats Table Trees for years.

It was always a favourite end of year Christmas Activity in my class.

They make gorgeous little gifts or lovely table decorations that children can make

Ages: 3+
(see Handy Tips at the bottom to simplify or extend to meet your child's needs)

Materials: Thick paper/card, tinsel, wrapped lollies (candy), scissors, stapler, sticky tape, pompom/star for top(optional)

1. Make a cone shape from the thick paper/card and staple to hold together
2. Trim off the bottom to make to make a cone that will stand up
3. Your cone shape (tree) is ready for decorating

Tape one end of the lolly (candy) wrapper on to the cone shape

Continue until you have a well decorated tree

Staple one end of the tinsel wreath to the bottom of the cone

Carefully wrap the tinsel around and around the tree

As you go around, lift the wrapped candies up to allow the tinsel to cover the tree but not the candies.

One your tinsel reaches the very top of the tree. Staple in place and cut off any excess

Maddie wanted to stick a golden pom-pom on top. She attached it with sticky tape

Our finished trees. I made a purple one and M (aged almost 4 made the green one)

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Handy Tips

- Simplify this activity by assisting your child wherever they need. Younger children still working on developing their fine-motor skills will need help with things like getting the sticky tape (pre-cut pieces for them), wrapping round and round, etc. Making the cone for the child first is a good place to start.

- Extend this activity by allowing your child control over as many processes as they are capable of. Have them make up the cone shape first. This seems relatively easy but depending on the shape and size of your paper, could be tricky.

- Alternatively, you could wrap the tree in tinsel first and then lift up the tinsel to stick the candy wrappers underneath. This is probably an easier way for people with more advanced coordination. Sticking the candies on first will be easier for littler hands.

- Mix it up by making your trees any colour you like to match your theme. Use more or less lollies (candies) depending on how covered you want the tree. Try making a tree entirely covered in wrapped candy.

- Talk with your child about the processes they are going through, ensuring you are using the descriptive language that goes with it. eg. "wrapping, around, under, over, cone, top, bottom" etc

Happy playing,
Debs :)

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