Sushi Penguin. Fun food for kids.

Oct 3, 2013

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I love making fun food for kids! It's amazing how with a little bit of effort you can make something average into something really fun. It's so good for enticing young children to eat healthy food. Generally, like the rest of the world, I don't have a lot of spare time so I don't always go to as much effort as I did here. This time, however, I wanted to attempt something a little bit "fancier" (which I've now decided is a general code word for trickier or more effort, haha).

Inspired by our fondness for Little Penguins and our love for sushi, here is my attempt at making a Sushi Penguin. 


  • Sushi rice (short grain rice with a sushi rice vinegar. We buy ours from the Asian section of the supermarket and all the instructions on how to make the rice are on the packaging)
  • Yaki Nori (seaweed sheets)
  • Steamed carrot

How to make:

  • Cut your Yaki Nori into 4 strips and use 1/4 of a sheet for one penguin

  • Press down on your prepared sushi rice in your container to compact it as much as possible

  • Place your rice on one half of your yaki nori, thick enough so that pulling the other half of the yaki nori over it will form a nice, tight package. (Probably about two finger widths high)

  • If you have a bamboo mat like pictured, use it to help you pull the yaki nori over the rice and apply firm pressure to keep it all together. Use a little bit of water on the overlap of the yaki nori to get it to stick together. (If you don't have a mat, just carefully enclose it applying as much pressure as you can)

  • Sit your sushi roll up with the overlapped join on the bottom and then trim the edges to neaten it all up using a sharp, damp knife. You can also push it in a little in the middle to give it a bit of shape.

  • Using some spare yaki nori and a sharp knife, cut out some little wing shapes, a triangle for the head and some little bits for the eyes

  • These should stick on just fine but you can use a little bit of water on them if you need to help them stick to the seaweed.

  • Cut some feet and a little beak out of your steamed carrot as pictured (or try some fancier feet)

  • Sit your sushi penguin on top of it's feet and add the little beak.

  • Ta-da! One finished penguin. A little rough around the edges but the best our skills would allow. haha

  • To make multiple penguins at the same time, use about half a sheet of yaki nori and then follow the same steps as making one. Once you have it standing up, use your sharp, damp knife to cut off "penguins" as thick as you'd like. I got 3 penguins out of this much.

Happy eating,
Debs :)

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