7 days of Water Play

Jun 10, 2014

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This week we are showcasing

"7 water play activities"

Water play is often thought of as "summer play" or something reserved for hot weather, however, depending on the activity, children can incorporate water play whatever the weather. As a readily available sensory material (in our part of the world, anyway),  water play is often very inexpensive, easy to set-up and loved by children of all ages. Here are a collection of 7 different activities involving water, one for each day of the week. Number 6 would be best saved for warmer weather, but the rest can be attempted at any time, with a number being suitable for indoor play.

1. Fruit boats from Science Sparks

2. Toddler Water wall from Adventures of Adam

3. Giant Bubbles and wand DIY from The Craft Train

4. Inside water play  from Learn with Play at Home

5. Waterbottle Fountain from Learn with Play at Home

6. Pendulum Water Blast from Mosswood Connections

7. Water shooter painting from Fantastic Fun and Learning 

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