Make a Birthday Card

Feb 19, 2012

Every time it's the birthday of someone close to us, we always make them a homemade card.

Such a lovely activity that will not only help them to practice a variety of skills (see tips at the bottom) but also help to instill some pride in their work.

The delight of them handing over something they put their time and effort into is priceless.

 Set out all the materials for your card so your child can see and access them easily. Here we used a variety of coloured and textured paper, glue, little paper shapes from cutters, glue and stamps.

 As this activity was to be given as a gift, we practiced our stamping on scrap paper to begin with so that she could learn the proper technique to get a clear and complete print. This can be harder than it sounds for kids.

 Stamping on the good copy. Hoorah, the practice paid off. Got it right first time!

 Arranging shapes of paper onto the card to see what will look good. I encourage this BEFORE gluing as it saves them changing their mind and ripping it up again

 The final design that she settled on. Now to glue it in place!

Gluing the individual pieces 

 Taking the time to try and get them stuck back in the same place. This takes memory and concentration

 Sticking the final piece in place

 After dictating her message for the inside of the card, she decided that needed some colour as well. Paper punched strips of coloured paper worked well here.

 The front of the completed card

Inside the completed card

Some tips:
- Involve your child in choosing the materials, colours etc so that they are individual to the person the card is for as well as giving your child some ownership over their creation. If your child is quite young, present them with just a couple of alternatives ie, "Would Grandpa like a blue card or a green card?"
- To simplify this activity, cut out all the pieces for the front of the card and allow your child to stick them on as they like. Alternatively, provide stickers and write the message in the card for your child.
- To extend this activity, let the child do the cutting etc themselves, let them attempt some of the writing etc
- Help your child build their literacy skills and understanding by talking with them about how to write a card, the sort of messages that go into a card, what they'd like the card to say, the purpose of the card and so on.
- Having your child dictate to you as you write down (before they can write, of course) really personalises your card (as well as the obvious literacy learning)
- Use any materials you have at hand. You don't have to rush out and buy greeting stamps and paper cutters/punches! (It's just what we used this time)

Debs :)