Paper plate bag

Feb 16, 2012

Here is a super simple little bag for toddlers!

Help them to get creative, practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and then use it for imaginative play once it's done!

Toddlers LOVE putting things into things so they will be sure to give this a try.

My little girl wanted to make hers a pretty handbag but remember that your child can make and decorate theirs however they want! Using your child's own interests is the key to keeping them engaged and interested.

 Cut out a handle shape on 2 paper plates making sure they line up.
Lay out the materials for your child so they can see and use them easily.

 Straight to work gluing down her chosen items

 Now to add some sequins!

Practicing wiping excess glue from her paddle pop stick so as not to drip on her bag.

When both sides are decorated and dried, simply staple together and it's ready for use!

Some tips:
- This time I chose a load of various items for her to choose from, including foil, sequins, pasta, glue, pipe cleaners, recycled goods (feather boa, ribbons, flowers etc), glitter glue, crayons and textas. Use whatever you have on hand.
- Instead of just sticking everything she could see down, we talked about choosing particular items and the order they would need to be done in, ie. texta before glue.
- To extend this activity you could assist your child in cutting the handles out themselves. This will require a small amount of measurement to ensure the 2 handles are exactly the same and will line up.
- Take the time to focus on improving particular skills with your child and help them to practice, ie.wiping excess glue before pasting to avoid drips.
- You can make great bags for pretend play like a Dr or Vet bag, Detective bag, Police bag etc. These can look great using the same method but painting the outside instead.

Debs :)