Paint a Flower Pot

Feb 12, 2012

This activity is a great way to either add a splash of colour around your house or garden, or a fabulous gift idea.

Using very cheap plant pots from Bunnings (or any garden supplies shop), and some paint, your child can create great pieces of art.

Maddie made these pots as handmade Christmas pressies for her grandmothers. Once dried we potted in some colourful flowers.

Set up all your materials before beginning. As it was a nice day we painted outside.

To add a bit of a personal touch to these pots we used handprints as the base of our design

 Then added the rest of the detail with paint brushes

We turned the handprints into flowers. Simple and easy for a young child.

Some tips:
- Paint or decorate your pots in any fashion that you like and within your child's abilities.
- The very kid friendly, washable paints AREN'T the best for this type of painting as they don't dry very vibrantly. Try a basic acrylic paint and just wash their hands right after.
- When dry, cover with mod podge or a waterproof sealant to keep the design intact.
- Using handprints or finger painting makes the activity much more tactile. It also helps to date your pot and show just how small your child was at the time.
- Making things that look visually pleasing as the end result help your child feel proud about what they have created. Giving your activity a special purpose, (like a gift for a loved one) can also help instill some pride in their work.

Debs :)