Sorting Snacks

Feb 15, 2012

Why not turn snack time into learning as well?

Help them practice sorting, counting and fine-motor skills with this simple activity

 Today we used a little container of Cheerios (breakfast cereal) and sultanas, an ice cube tray and some small tongs

Ditching the tongs and practicing the pincer grip

Some tips:
- Children need little or no directions for this activity. Just place in front of them and see what they do
- Extend this activity by using different snacks. Little coloured rice crackers are great for this as are mixed fruit etc.
- Talk with your child about what they are doing. How many can you fit in that space? How many different types of snack do you have? How could you sort them? Are they tricky to pick up, why/why not? etc

Debs :)


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