Cooking with kids: Sushi Rolls

Mar 3, 2012

Sushi rolls are a favourite food for my daughter and I. She has been eating it since she was very young and I'm happy that she loves it because it's healthy as well as yummy!

Here, she demonstrates how kids can make their own sushi rolls at home (with a little help from mum).

(Note: You will need specialist ingredients as well as a bamboo mat to roll the sushi. See "Some tips:" below the pictures for more details)

 Lay out the ingredients on a clear bench so they can be seen an accessed by your child easily

Put the sushi rice (short grain rice with rice vinegar) on your nori seaweed 

 Spread it out over the seaweed

 Lay your toppings down in a line in the centre of the rice

 When she was done, I was required to help roll it up

Lunch time. Time to eat! Yum

Some tips:

- When you buy the "yaki nori for sushi" (seaweed sheets), the back of the packet will have instructions on how to make the sushi rice and the best way to make the sushi rolls.

- We used tuna, avocado and cucumber for our filling this time. You can use whatever your child likes.

- Talk about all the steps involved with making sushi with your child before they start making it.

- As they make it, focus on one step at a time and any processes involved with that step.

- Simplify this activity by spreading the rice on the seaweed yourself and letting your child put the toppings on.

- Extend this activity by letting your child attempt all the steps and processes independently, including preparing the toppings, making the rice and rolling the sushi! (This bit can be hard for adults so some help might be needed for a while until they are competent. Remember that practice makes perfect!)

- Include the correct vocabulary for the techniques, ingredients etc when talking to your child to help extend their vocabulary and understanding

- Makes great party food!

Debs :)