Pasta + Glitter + Glue

Mar 2, 2012

Using just 3 elements and some different coloured paper backgrounds provided a fun and creative little activity.

 These few materials were so appealing for little hands and minds that the pages were quickly filled

Learning about the order (glue BEFORE glitter etc) and practicing fine motor skills are just a couple of learning experiences that were practiced in this activity

Some tips:

- Using different varieties of pasta allows for different shapes, textures, sizes, uses etc to be explored and discussed

- Extend this activity by creating and discussing patterns

- Talk and ask questions while your child is busy at work. "What does that shape pasta remind you of?" "Why do you think there is a hole in that pasta?" "Why is the glitter so shiney?" etc.

- Give your child different types or colours of paper to create their masterpiece on. See and talk about the different things they create on different pieces and take the time to talk about the different colours.

Debs :)


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