Sticking Sequins. Pincer Grip Practice.

Apr 6, 2012

Young children are continuously developing their fine motor skills with just about everything they are doing. To really help them develop a good pincer grip, we are using a tricky, slippery little material, sequins!

This activity really couldn't be more basic to set up and implement. Set up an Invitation to Play with some exciting, shiny, coloured sequins, some glue and a piece of paper and let them loose.

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 Grabbing some sequins from a container is a little easier as they have more to grip at.
To make it a little trickier, tip the sequins out on the table. This also helps them to see all the different shapes and colours of sequins so they can be more specific about which they choose

Learning to apply just the right amount of glue to stick the sequins down one at a time

Handy tips:

- Simplify this activity by keeping the sequins in a container so they are grouped together and easier to pick up

- Extend this activity by drawing a line or pattern on the paper and have you child stick the sequins along the line

- Use this activity to practice particular skills such as applying certain amounts of glue to certain areas etc.

- Demonstrate the best way to do these skills if needed. Eg, wiping the excess glue from the brush first etc.

- Talk about the different colours of the sequins and listen to them tell you about what they are doing

Happy playing,
Debs :)
Look where else we are. Are you following along? :)
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