5 FUN GAMES to get kids UP and MOVING to their favourite Music!

Sep 7, 2012

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Music plays a big part in our household. My kids have listened to a wide variety of music since before they were born, our car is a rotating music station where we enjoy singing along together with all our favourite tunes and we love to dance at every chance we can get.

I find that Music is fabulous for learning rhythm, tone, language development, memory, creativity, engagement, pitch, volume, movement, gross and fine motor skills and so much more!

Maddie (aged 3) just loves to dance, so getting her moving to music is no trouble at all. 

But, if your child isn't so passionate about dancing, how do you get them up and moving to music?

With games!

We were inspired to GET UP and MOVING by this great CD that we were recently sent 
(which you can read more about at the bottom)

Here we share "5 Fun (and easy!) Games to get kids 
Up and Moving to Music"

1) Musical Statues

A classic game that can be played with 1 or more people of all ages.

Dance to the music. When the music stops you must FREEZE! 
Children love trying not to wobble or giggle.
You can eliminate people that move to find one winner, or just play for fun like we do with different "Statue Champs!" each round that manage to stay still. 
When the music starts again, it's time to keep moving!

2) Musical Chairs/Cushions

Another classic game for 2 or more players of all ages

For the first round, set out enough chairs or cushions for each player.
Dance to the music. When the music stops, players must rush to sit down on a chair or cushion.
With each round, remove one chair/cushion and then have the remaining player who misses getting a chair/cushion join you as the judge! 

(Some people do not like games that encourage exclusion, winning or 'losing'.. As an alternative, rather than removing the player left without a chair/cushion you can allow multiple players per seat or just have a little group of winners for each round but let everyone back in with each new round)

3) Move like the Music

This is a great way to get children considering Emotions and Actions and can be played by 1 or more children of any age

Listen to the music together and talk about how it makes you feel. Happy? Sad? Cross? etc. Then talk about what actions go with these emotions. A happy song can make you feel "bouncy," "boppy" etc. If the song is slow and makes you feel sad, perhaps the appropriate action would be "swaying" etc.

4) Animal Dance

This imaginative game is suitable for one of more people of all ages.

Download and Print out my FREE ANIMAL CARDS
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Let children pick a card at random and have them dance to the music as that animal. Consider, talk about and encourage things like the typical types of movements of each animal. Does the animal usually move fast/slow, with big/small movements, quietly/loudly, on all fours? etc.

However, if they happen to be a snake that doesn't just like to wriggle on the ground but is also partial to the cha-cha... well, who are we to hinder creativity and imagination? Plus, who knows what snakes get up to when we're not around.... ;)

5) Dancing with Props

A great way to get kids really moving their bodies and manipulating various items. Play this game with one or more children of any age

Provide a selection of props and have children choose one at a time to dance with. Talk about how each item changes or influences their movement. Extend this by allowing children to search out and find their own props to dance with. Can they dance with a partner while still using their prop.

Here are a couple of the things we recently used to dance with

What extra props would you add? Little beanbags, hoops? etc...

Here are some more great children's activities involving Music

Make your own Sound Effects (Learn with Play at home)
Make a Water Xylophone (Smiling like Sunshine)
Music for Toddlers (Mama Smiles)

Big Rock Candy Mountain CD

Jay Laga'aiaWe really enjoyed playing these games with our new CD, "Big Rock Candy Mountain" which is a compilation of the Greatest American Folk Songs. I had a lot of fun singing along to the well known tunes and was pleased to be able to introduce my kids to some classic folk songs from another country.
Artist: Catherine Britt / Jay Laga'aia
Album: Big Rock Candy Mountain 
 ABC Music / Universal 
Release Date: 
Purchase: ABC Website 

As a big fan of Jay Laga'aia, back from his days on Home and Away, Water Rats and of course now on our favourite kids show, Play School, I was really interested to hear this CD. 
I can safely say that Jay has a fabulous voice that is really easy to listen to and I also enjoyed hearing the vocal talents of Catherine Britt who was unknown to me before. Together they deliver a really fun and great sounding CD that will be sung and danced to for many years to come in our household.

***Disclaimer. I was sent this CD to consider for review. I was under no obligation to post anything about this CD and all comments and opinions are my own. I was not paid to write this post.

Happy dancing and playing,
Debs :)

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