Make a Robot Helmet

Sep 5, 2012

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Today's activity is this super fun and easy-to-make Robot Helmet.

Combining skills required to make the helmet such as fine-motor skills and creativity with imaginative play and gross motor skills when the helmet is finished, is sure to keep your child busy, creating and learning.

Ages: 2-6+ 
Maddie is currently 3 years old

Materials: Cardboard Box, Foil, Glue, Sticky tape, Embellishments (we used milk bottle lids, coloured foil, number stickers, recycled goods and pipe cleaners)

For added literacy, we first read "Little Robots" by Mike Brownlow

Begin by cutting a "window" out of one side of the box to make it helmet shaped and then cover with glue (we used PVA glue)

Cover the entire box with foil.
Use this time to encourage new language and practice new skills such as "overlapping" or "folding"

When your box is covered with foil let your child get creative with their "embellishments"

Maddie learnt how to make "pipe cleaner springs" by wrapping a pipe cleaner around a marker

Attaching certain items will require sticky tape. 
A lot of coordination and fine motor skills are required for this type of addition.

Adding "buttons" and "antenna" 

For added numeracy skills, I included number stickers. 
Maddie added the numbers 0-9 (that she had to find in a tub full of numbers) and then we wrote a list together of what "pressing each number" would make the robot do.

Time for imaginative play. "Beep, whizz, whirl"
Be sure to include robot movements and actions for added Gross Motor Skills

Handy Tips:

- Simplify this activity by pre-cutting the foil to the required size for each panel. This will allow less coordinated children to have a go at covering the box themselves. Assist your child as needed to complete the robot helmet ensuring that they have creative control over the embellishments they use.

- Extend this activity by including the added Literacy and Numeracy skills by reading Robot inspired books together and/or making a "number bot." We had a fabulous time figuring out what would happen when each number was pressed. Use this to reinforce basic number recognition. Your child could write their own list of instructions for the robot and then have to act out each action when you press their buttons.

- Further this activity by making robot arm covers, leg bands, robot fingers etc. Ask your child how they would make them and what they would need.

- Discuss the processes your child is going through with each stage of the activity. This will help them to make connections between the process and the language used to describe the process.  

- Use descriptive words such as "embellishments," "over-lapping" etc. to encourage language development. 

- Play a game with your child/ren where they must act as the robot and follow the directions given.

- Source boxes from supermarkets if you have none at home. They are always more than happy to let me have any boxes I like when I ask as they have an oversupply of them.

- If your child enjoyed making a Robot Helmet, they might like our Dinosaur Helmet too.

Happy playing, creating and learning,
Debs :)

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  1. Upcycling at it's best! Love anything that combines recycling and robots. The 4 year olds are going to go crazy with creation doing this. The only thing I'll need to buy is silver foil. Thanks Deborah.

  2. This is wonderful! I love all the details. Please link this post to Read.Explore.Learn. on Friday!

    1. Thank you, I will do my best to remember to link it, haa :D

  3. That is fantastic, i love it and so would my children. xx

  4. THAT is one CUTE Robot Hat!! I love love love it. Totally adorable. :-)

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty too!


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  6. Yet another wonderful activity Debs! My son will love this. I have this book and used to use it in my classroom for a language experience activity - I would get the students to make their own little robot and then write about it. They loved it and were so creative with what they came up with - a great open-ended activity! This is another good use for the book - thanks for the great idea!

  7. We love to recycle! The robot looks so fun and I love her little fingers making those spirals ~ great fine motor skills.

  8. I LOVE it! It reminds me of the book Little Bear where he pretends that he is traveling to the moon.

  9. Thanks for lining up at the Learn through Play linky. This robot looks like soo much Fun!

  10. I love this. My boys pretty much talk to me in a robot voice at least once per day! They are going to think this is so cool!!!

  11. Brilliant ideas for getting moving. I love the animal game.

    Thanks for linking to thevsunday showcase.

  12. Found you on pinterest and I LOVE this idea!!!! :) I'm sharing a link to it on something I'm posting tomorrow called The Absolute BEST (indoor) Summer-Fun Ideas for Kids! Would love for you to stop by and check it out :)
    it will go live midnight tonight on
    <3 Paula

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