30 Counting Activities for Kids

Aug 20, 2013

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30 Counting Activities

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Of all the maths skills that children will acquire, counting is one that most children will already be doing before they reach school-age. It is one of the areas that parents are most comfortable helping their children with and it's obviously an incredibly important and fundamental skill that will build a basis for further learning.

Rote counting (or saying numbers in a sequence from memory) is what most children will be able to do, but this does not mean that they can actually determine the amount in a collection. In order to help your child develop an actual understanding of numbers and how counting relates to real life, here are a whole lot of fun, hands-on counting activities that will help your child develop their one-to-one correspondence with counting and make a connection between the spoken numeral and a concrete amount (while also learning and practicing a whole range of skills along the way including fine motor, number recognition, ordering, subitising, writing, grouping and more).

1.  Paint chip number recognition and counting from Reading Confetti

2.  Felt counting apples from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

3. Counting and grouping with sticks  from Learn with Play at Home

4. Pompom number boards (with free printable) from Craftulate

5. Number counting activities from Tutus and Tea Parties

6. Counting popsicle stick puzzles from Powerful Mothering

7. Counting and making 10 with egg cartons from Learn with Play at Home

8. 5 little monkeys counting from Crayon Freckles

9. Ice Cream number fun from Learn with Play at Home

10. Counting with chicks from The Fairy and the Frog

11. Counting with little lego from The Pleasantest Thing

12. Hole punch number game (with free printables) from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

13. Counting with the 3 bears from Learn with Play at Home

14. Apple counting game from Crayon Freckles

15. Count and clip kite cards (with free printables) from The Measured Mum

16. Acorn counting balance game from Learn with Play at Home

17. Playing and counting with coins from Buggy and Buddy

18. Counting and patterns with a 100s chart from Buggy and Buddy

19. Simple counting 1-10 from The Good Long Road

20. Counting with marbles and bath mats from Creative Playhouse

21. DIY Abacus from Laly Mom

22. Tulip counting game (with gorgeous free printables) from Mama Miss

23. Plastic Bottle Number Bowling from Learn with Play at Home

24. Spring themed counting games from The Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide

25. 4 counting games with stamps from 3 Dinosaurs

26. Dr Suess inspired counting game (with free printables) from Mama Miss

27. Counting flowers with number circles (with free printable) from Inspiration Laboratories 

28. Dinosaur counting game (with free printable) from Lessons Learnt Journal

29. Counting and sorting activity with blocks from Learn with Play at Home

30. Abacus activities from Craftulate

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